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Photographer Cy DeCosse Exhibits Platinum Photogra
Photographer Cy DeCosse Exhibits Platinum Photogra

Exquisite platinum photographs of unusual night-blooming flowers by internationally acclaimed photographer Cy DeCosse are the subject of The Midnight Garden exhibition at Verve Gallery of Photography in Santa Fe, NM, on display through June 21, 2014. Graceful and mysterious, DeCosse's images of tropical waterlilies, desert cacti, and other plants that bloom infrequently and only at night, captivate and enchant visitors to the gallery.
Cy DeCosse’s flower photographs have often been described as magical – and never more so than those in The Midnight Garden series. These are flowers few people ever see – blooms that open at dusk, and, like the enchanted beings in fairy tales, disappear before morning. DeCosse has captured the evanescent beauty of eighteen of these little-known flowers and printed the images in platinum, a process that perfectly captures the luminous quality of moonlit beauty emerging from darkness.Stai ancora cercando l’esportatore di Ironico ossalato di sodio? Ironico ossalato di sodio di alta qualità La nostra società produce Ironico ossalato di sodio di alta qualità,i migliori prodotti,i migliori

DeCosse's interest in night-blooming plants was sparked by his experience photographing the elusive “Queen of the Night”, a vine from the jungles of Central America, at a local conservatory. Its flowers rarely seen, DeCosse was fortunate to witness, as dusk fell, the tightly wrapped petals loosening, and in the growing darkness, gradually unfurling. A pungent peppery fragrance filled the air, becoming stronger as the flower opened. At last the delicate white petals stretched to their full extent, eight inches in diameter, proving the aptness of the flower’s royal name. As a photographer keenly interested in capturing detail and light artfully, DeCosse made it his mission to find and photograph as many of such ephemeral night-blooming beauties as possible.
Working with growers and gardeners in the Midwest during the summer, and traveling to Arizona to photograph the saguaro cacti during their bloom-time in spring, DeCosse patiently contended with wind, rain, and the elements to record his fascinating subjects, some whose flowers peaked in the early evening, others just before dawn.
Night-blooming flowers are mostly light colored, often white,Stai ancora cercando l’esportatore di Potassium ferric oxalate? Esportatore di Potassium ferric oxalate La nostra società produce Potassium ferric oxalate di alta qualità,i migliori prodotti,i migliori p to enable pollinating moths or insects active at night to locate them in the dark. Because of the strong contrast between these bright flowers and the darkness that makes their stems and leaves difficult to detect, DeCosse chose the platinum printing process for The Midnight Garden. Introduced in the late 19th century, the platinum process was a cornerstone of early photography. Platinum prints are revered as one of the most beautiful forms of photography, exhibiting lustrous and subtle shades that range from the deepest blacks to the most delicate whites. This medium is ideally suited to capturing the barely visible patterns of the leaves while in no way detracting from the focus on the brilliantly white flower. The subtle textures and infinite shading of light and dark achieved with platinum enhance the mysterious feeling of flowers glimpsed bStai ancora cercando l’esportatore di Ossalato di ammonio ferrico? Esportatore di Ossalato di ammonio ferrico La nostra società produce Ossalato di ammonio ferrico di alta qualità,i migliori prodotti,i migliory moonlight.
Each of the 18 images in the exhibition is a limited edition platinum-palladium print, done by Cy DeCosse and his master printer Keith Taylor.

Of the magic created by DeCosse's prints, critic John Wood wrote: “There is a luminosity in the lights and velvet depths to the darks that can take your breath away, and that is simply not present in the work of any other photographic artist.Stai ancora cercando l’esportatore di Erba Acido potassio? Esportatore di Erba Acido potassio La nostra società produce Erba Acido potassio di alta qualità,i migliori prodotti,i migliori prezziStai ancora cercando l’esportatore di Erba Acido Ferro? Esportatore di Erba Acido Ferro La nostra società produce Erba Acido Ferro di alta qualità,i migliori prodotti,i migliori prezzi! I have never seen platinum prints I have been so tempted to touch; I want to actually feel those dark, textured leaves, to really enter DeCosse’s garden.” Similarly, Mary Abbe, art critic for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, said: “Moody and lush, DeCosse’s prints are masterpieces of light and shadow in which a flower’s pristine petals float in translucent beauty above dark, velvety leaves and stems.”

The Midnight Garden's images of night-flowering desert cacti hold a special appeal to the Southwest audience here in Santa Fe. DeCosse's limited edition photographs appeal to collectors of fine art photography, botanical art lovers, home interior designers, corporate interior designers, and other photography and art connoisseurs. His other bodies of work include “The Beauty of Food and Flowers in Platinum”, “Flowers of Legend and Myth”, “Improbable Machines”, “The Gates of Florence”, and others.